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The cast featured fourteen new queens and one returning queen, all announced in a live stream hosted by season 10 winner Aquaria and Adam Rippon on January 24, Listed in chronological order: [4]. Fourteen new queens and one returning queen, Vanessa Vanjie Mateoenter the werk room. Silky wins the challenge and gets to assign each queen a box inspired by a previous contestant to make an outfit from.

Whilst the queens are constructing their garments guest judge Miley Cyrus surprises them by dressing up as a crew member and sneaking into the workroom to meet the queens. The remaining queens are critiqued with A'Keria C. After the judges deliberate Brooke Lynn Hytes is declared the winner of the challenge and Kahanna Montrese and Soju are put in the bottom two. The contestants take part in a mini-challenge where they have to 'photobomb' famous pictures of celebrities and Brooke Lynn Hytes and Silky Nutmeg Ganache win the challenge.

This gives them the power to pick the teams for the week's maxi challenge which is to star in two parody films 'Why It Gotta Be Black, Panther?

rupaul season 11

The teams then assign roles and perform in front of the camera while Ross and Michelle direct. On the main stage, the category is 'What's Your Sign? A'Keria C. After the judges deliberate Scarlet Envy and Yvie Oddly are both declared the winners of the challenge while Kahanna Montrese and Mercedes Iman Diamond are placed in the bottom two.

rupaul season 11

At the start of the episode the queens take part in a mini-challenge where they need to try and 'seduce' their way into a Seduction concert, and Nina West and Ra'Jah O'Hara win.

They select their teams for the maxi challenge which is to make a parody Christian talk show to worship a diva.

The queens are then directed by Ross and perform their show in one take. On the main stage, the category is 'Fringe' and the queens each present a fringe inspired look.

Team Nina West are declared the winners of the challenge and Ru compliments both Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Ariel Versace for their excellent performances but Nina is declared the overall challenge winner.

Davenport, Honey Davenport, Plastique Tiara, Ra'Jah, Scarlet Envy, and Shuga Cain are critiqued for severely lackluster performances and a general lack of knowledge about Mariah Carey, though most of their runways are well-received.

When every member of Team Ra'Jah claims that they were all to blame for the failing challenge, Ru puts every team member up for elimination, having the six of them lipsync to " Waiting for Tonight Hex Hector Mix " by Jennifer Lopez. Finally, Shuga is saved and Honey is eliminated from the competition. For the mini-challenge, Ru asks the girls to get into quick drag to impersonate Rachel Maddow and deliver news from a teleprompter and Scarlet Envy is declared the winner.With Plastique gone, the competition has gotten real.

We all do! All of us. But first we get a fun little mini challenge — featuring a brief appearance from Emmy Award Winner!!! Delta Work — wherein the girls are each paired with a member of the Pit Crew and asked to do some sort of relay race where they squish balls in between two different body parts to try to get… you know what, bitch?

This is a lot to explain. Miss Vanjie wins this challenge a first for her and is given the responsibility of splitting up two teams to perform in a magic show. The show tries to make a whole to-do about Vanjie not selecting Brooke Lynn for her team, but I get it. You want things to stay fresh. The show would probably frown on this, correct? Contestants like Willam have supposedly gotten the boot for getting it in, yes?

I am not sure what the rules are here, but I do feel like Vanjie and Brooke Lynn seem to know each other, if you catch me. Anyway, back to my job. Shuga Cain will also, at the very least, be reliable. Meanwhile, Team Vanjie is feeling like they can improvise.

These are, of course, famous last words. Very few people in this world who have committed to just doing improv have made it. The girls get some time with a real live magician in order to prepare for the main challenge. Yes, these queens are going to learn magic tricks done on a professional level in mere hours. To me, this does not measure any magical aptitude the queens may have, but kinda just shows how easy magic is to do?

You know? You know. In the workroom after the magical teachings, we learn that Team Black Magic consisting of the girls who can actually pull off that team name have had to change a lot about their performance because the original content they were loosely planning and improvising would be inappropriate to air on Miss VH1. Nina is butthurt, justifiably, that last week Brooke Lynn shined because Nina stepped to the side and let her, and this week will be a true test of how bad Nina wants this.Sorted from worst R.

Updates to follow when the show returns for its grand finale Thursday, May 30, at 9 p. Runway theme: Create looks using materials inspired by past Drag Race legends. Verdict: Soju cut corners and herself right out of the competition with this halfhearted attempt at using Drag Race alum Kim Chi's closet to stitch a traditional Korean hanbok.

Verdict: Nina West's competitive prospects went south after she regurgitated Thorgy Thor's trunk of textiles in the form of an ill-fitting, pimple-dotted dress.

Verdict: Kahanna Montrese might be a Vegas showgirl, but her clumsy debut runway lewk screamed show-no-she-betta-don't thanks to a pair of partially stoned, reused tights and a recycled bra — both of which she already wore into the Werk Room earlier in the episode.

Verdict: If only Silky Nutmeg Ganache's larger-than-life personality translated to her fashion. Her entrance lewk proved she knows how to make a statement on her own terms, but the concept for her zodiac costume got lost in translation. Silky, did you bean those accessories? Verdict: Everyone loves Vanjie. Everyone really loves Vanjie. But we're getting to the point where legacy is buckling under the dead weight of her actual output; She's charismatic and one of the most charming queens in Drag Race history, but her performance on the runway has fluctuated between confusing hodgepodge this, with all 16 different shades of gold she paired together to give-me-the-crown-now-stunning see the No.

Vanjie knows she's in trouble for doing the same look she said as much during this week's episodeand she needs to come up with something super inventive next week, because this isn't cutting it. Verdict: Cartoony without being campy, Silky Nutmeg Ganache looks cute, cuddly, and a little on the safe side in this figure-hugging construction. Verdict: For the second week in a row, Mercedes Iman Diamond debuted a bare-bones look that faded into the background for its simplicity versus any outright shortcomings.

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Verdict: The Old Hollywood icon tried to jump out, but what we got was more along the lines of if the ghost of Mae West — on her pettiest day in heaven — returned to Earth to possess the body of a Brooklyn hipster en route to a thrift shop. Verdict: The always adorable Nina West unfortunately pillaged the wrong costume store with this cartoony Halloween garb. Normally, Nina's the perfect queen to pull off a campy number, but this outfit lacks her signature taste and ventures too far into goofy territory to be taken seriously.

Verdict: Though Silky's Nutmeg Ganache should've slid its way off the Drag Race cake ages ago, I have to give credit where credit is due: I don't hate this look. The material is interesting and the throwback vibe is fun, but the construction is messy and Soju's makeup looks, to quote Alaska, "terrible. Verdict: Though she's the oldest of the bunch, Shuga Cain shaved a decade or two off her frame with this emo prom dress.

Verdict: Silky Nutmeg Ganache lived up to her name for her runway debut, combining a delectable vision with Peppermint's trunk of goodies for this sweet dollop of eye candy.

Is this the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11?

Verdict: The execution is there and the wig is fun! Verdict: This retro, Xanadu -esque gem didn't sit well with fans, but the sweet taste of this rainbow had us savoring all of its throwback feels. Verdict: The pattern is right, the shoes are right, the face is so right, but the shape of Scarlet Envy's dress adds unwieldy visual weight to the would-be delicacy of this otherwise fruitful creation.

Verdict: Mercedes Iman Diamond went out with a bang, rocking the best outfit she'd worn so far when she sashayed away from the competition. Verdict: She covered her tuck with a feathered bush! She licked a ram skull! She literally got horny! This fun, demonic look is everything Drag Race fans come to the show for: Preposterous fantasy and cheeky humor. Verdict: Gold-hearted queen Nina West literally wears her pride on her sleeve with this celebratory look, and it speaks volumes about Nina as a person and how she chooses to use her platform in the mainstream spotlight.

That being said, the wigs feel mismatched with the outfits, and, despite thematically tying together, technically don't match the objective of the challenge, either.Glamour is in her blood, though, as her drag family includes past Drag Race contestants Kennedy Davenport season 7, All-Stars 3 and the late Sahara Davenport season 2. The Cherry Hill native whose general aesthetic is giving us serious Farrah Moan vibes is a rising YouTube star thanks to her flawless makeup tutorials and popular Instagram posts.

Girl, l ook how orange stunning you f—ing lookgirl! This Las Vegas showgirl is entering the Drag Race fold in the name of her drag mother Coco Montrese, the infamous season 5 queen with the Cheeto-hued foundation. A pageant stunner with a few local crowns to her name — including Miss City of the Lakes — Mercedes supposedly enjoys crafting her own jewelry to wear during her performances, and typically incorporates various cultural inspirations like this Indian-inspired number into her shows.

A hometown hero if there ever was one, Nina West has blossomed from her humble beginnings to become a mini icon in the drag world thanks to her commitment to old-school camp, comedy, and charitable causes.

Plastique Tiara is serving the fishiest mug of season This NYC-based queen with an Old Hollywood aesthetic and an updated camp perspective caught the eye of season 9 winner Sasha Velour, who cast her in her ongoing performance showcase Nightgowns late last year.

Another pageant diva with more than competition credits tucked under her luscious curves, Silky Nutmeg Ganache is known for her legendary dance moves and larger-than-life personality, which translate into live performances boasting massive charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

Soju already has plenty of face time with queens from Drag Race and beyond, often filming interviews with them at drag conventions for her YouTube channel. Her style is a self-described mix of contemporary glam and K-Pop realness, which she incorporates into her live shows.

Fans of alt-drag, meet your new favorite femme. From edgy glam to blue space monster, Yvie can pull off an eclectic mix of polished drag as well as literal aerial acrobatics, as her shows often include high-flying stunts and other athletic maneuvers. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. RuPaul's Drag Race.

rupaul season 11

TV Show. Where to watch. Close Streaming Options. Image zoom. Episode Recaps Previous. S8 E9 Recap. Homeland recap: In the pawn shop, we'll be having some fun. S7 E13 Recap.

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The Blacklist recap: The sound of silence. S5 E8 Recap.This method can be used to prove if a contestant performed better than another regardless of their placing in the competition.

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The scoring method was created during an unofficial fan made YouTube series called "Dusted or Busted" in which two fans critique and review each episode of the show. The scoring method was first used during the critique of Season 6, Episode 11 when fan favorite BenDeLaCreme was eliminated.

Changes were later made by wiki users to facilitate comparison between queens that were on different seasons. The Scoring method is used to score the outcome of each contestant during each episode of RuPaul's Drag Race and other similar series such as Drag Race Thailand.

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This method can be used to prove that a contestant eliminated earlier in the competition may have actually done better than a contestant who was kept in the competition longer. No scores are given if the episode did not feature a Bottom Lip sync nor a Maxi Challenge Winner, and to eliminated queens that were implicated without being officially announced to be back as competitors. Top 7 best queens of Drag Race Thailand are listed below.

Top 6 best monsters of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula are listed below. See Drag Race Thailand Season 1. See Drag Race Thailand Season 2.

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Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. RuPaul's Drag Race Wiki. Categories :. Season 1. Season 2. LMD 1. LMD 2. BeBe Zahara Benet. Miss Gim Huay. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Mystique Summers Madison.

Top 10 Moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11

Shangela Laquifa Wadley. Stacy Layne Matthews. Monica Beverly Hillz. Serena Cha Cha. Jaidynn Diore Fierce. Bob the Drag Queen. Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Dax ExclamationPoint.We have a number of queens hailing from legendary drag families. Several of these queens had been rumored to be cast in previous seasons and are finally hitting the Main Stage!

Here we have broken down the brand-new Season 11 cast to see just how they measure up against each other. Great reality TV is surely in store. This Texas stunner comes from a long line of girls from the Lone Star State who have shown us what they can do, including her drag aunt, Season 7 and All Stars 3 stunner Kennedy Davenport.

Dida Ritz, Vivacious and Mystique Summers among them this past year. With Muslim and African influences popping up throughout her numbers, Mercedes Iman Diamond is truly a performer like no other. Starting at the Fashion Institute of Technology and ending up as a drag performer, Scarlet Envy may be able to tap into that New York energy that several other winners from the drag mecca of NYC have been able to do in seasons past. Silky Nutmeg Ganache is sure to set a whole new set of standards when she hits the Werk Room with the rest of the Season 11 cast.

Statuesque in drag and still smoldering when out, this Nashville stunner started drag to have a career that kept her in control of both her life and her art. Citing Annie Lennox and Cher as her influences, she merges eye-popping looks with unique fashions her Instagram is truly a sight to behold.

Fellow southern sister Kameron was a quiet contender, showing what she was made of when it truly mattered, which propelled her to the final four.

Either way, viewers will be watching Brooke Lynn Hytes closely. This drag daughter of Season 3 finalist Alexis Mateo is known for turning amazing looks and absolutely killing her performances.

Coming out of the burgeoning Las Vegas drag scene, Kahanna Montrese got into the drag scene on a bet with a bartender in her hometown. Something tells me Las Vegas will have to share Kahanna Montrese with the rest of the world after everyone gets a taste of what she can do on Season Oddly has been known to work with unconventional materials, and her looks run the gamut from alien creature to standard gorgeous queen.

Rajah has been doing drag for well over a decade, and is seasoned both on and off-stage. Watching this queen step away from her family and stand on her own during Season 11 will be a fun journey to watch.

Soju is a clear, colorless, distilled drink of Korean origin, but this queen is anything but clear and colorless. Those Korean influences, as well as her black belt in tae kwon do, definitely help her stand out from the crowd in Chi-town, but will it do the same on the Drag Race main stage? This queen comes from pretty good stock. Her live performances are epic as well, with splits and dips being part of her vast repertoire.

It will be interesting to see how Plastique Tiara stacks up against queens who have been in the game much longer than she, but something tells us Tiara is up for the challenge.So god bless the Monster Ball, one of the more entertaining balls in recent Drag Race history.

And episode five also cemented by belief that the right judges can make an episode. Can we keep Cara Delevingne and the right honourable Elvira forever?

Elvira joked about plastic surgery!

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And they rubbed off on Ru, who was on top form — more Halloweenies jokes, please. Anyway, the Monster Ball saw some terrifying highs and some horrifying lows — the latter most literally portrayed in a fall that actually made me clutch my pearls if I were wearing pearls. So, as always, Metro. Oh, Ariel, babes. Unless you think The Little Mermaid was a horror movie, she was nowhere near the brief. Why did she not commit to the syringe-covered evil nurse?! But then came the fall. Oh, the fall.

I actually gasped when it happened — how did that one fall contain, like, three separate tumbles? Still, kudos to Ariel for getting back up and finishing the Whitney lip sync in style. No matter what she says, that Trampy Trick or Treater was not a troll. I would have gone with belly dancer with a bad hair day. Who knows. However, I was just not feeling the looks on the runway — and why does she keep thinking her knee-high boots are thigh-high boots? The thing I was feeling, though, was the absolute pettiness.

Well, I am gagging, because of the smell. Do you bathe? In all seriousness, that unicorn look was cute. Technically, Scarlet probably fitted the brief the best, as she drew on her horror movie knowledge to come up with looks that Ru would appreciate. But her Creature from the Black Lagoon look gives me hope that Scarlet will unleash her inner freak at some point. Vanessa looked gorgeous on the runway, and that tombstone headpiece was amazing. But what we need to discuss here is Miss Braaaaanjie.

Have you seen a cuter couple than Vanjie and Brooke Lynn? I am so here for this storyline, and the eventual twist that sees them in the bottom two together, forced to choose between love and the crown.

Vanessa could walk out in a potato sack dusted with body glitter and I would cheer her on because this plot device is giving me life. Plus, her narrations are pretty much the only joyous thing in the world right now. I am so happy to see Nina progressing, and she really showed her artistry at the Monster Ball.

That shrunken face reveal was weird, high drag at its finest, and she should have been commended more for it. And I was obsessed with her take on Witch Please — anyone else get throwbacks to the Salem witch trial episode of Sabrina?

The trial of Goody Spellman?